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Research has become the primary guide of all health care and patient care decisions. Given the fact that most EMS practices have largely been based on in-hospital procedures, it is now time to develop EMS practices that are based on our unique prehospital environment. The RPPEO recognizes the importance of prehospital research and is committed to supporting initiatives in this field.

Whether you would like to learn more about RPPEO paramedic involvement in current and past studies, are looking for information on how to conduct prehospital research or are interested in obtaining a specific research article, you’ll find all this information and more under the Research section of the website.

Interested in conducting research in paramedicine? Need prehospital data to conduct research?

Researchers interested in conducting research involving prehospital data are asked to complete the online Research Application Form. All research proposals and requests for prehospital data for research must directly support the RPPEO mission and ultimately, have the potential to improve patient care and patient outcomes. The RPPEO Research Committee convenes to review all submitted research application forms on a monthly basis. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding research at the RPPEO, please don’t hesitate to contact the Research Group at 613-737-7319 or