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What We Do

The Minister of Health mandates certain hospitals in Ontario to provide medical, educational, and quality support to land ambulance services and their paramedics, as stipulated in clause 4 (2) (d) of the Ambulance Act.

Many medical acts are controlled under regulation in Ontario. Some controlled medical acts may be delegated by a physician to a paramedic, under certain conditions. Base hospitals assist the regional Medical Director in setting up the processes for safe delegation of controlled medical acts to paramedics.

The base hospital also assists the Medical Director in their responsibility for paramedic continuing education and the certification of each paramedic who is authorized to perform controlled acts.

As the designated Regional Base Hospital for Eastern Ontario, the Ottawa Hospital meets its mandate through the RPPEO:

Through a Performance Agreement signed into force in 2009, the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care set the minimum terms of performance for The Ottawa Hospital’s base hospital program. The RPPEO’s Performance Agreement specifies the foundational requirements for our committees, administrative governance, communications, finance, confidentiality and reporting. It also describes baseline performance indicators for medical delegation and oversight as well as for paramedic continuing education and the continuous quality improvement of paramedic care in our region.

The RPPEO operates from offices in Ottawa and Kingston.