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Troubleshooting MFA

Verification Codes are not working

If you have backup codes, login with a single use backup code, go to Home - Edit Profile and remove the Verification Code authorization method.

Open your Authorization app and delete the entry for

Log into, you will be asked to setup MFA again and create a new entry for MFA.

If you do not have backup codes, please contact the RPPEO and one of our site administrators will reset MFA for you (during regular hours, if submitted on the weekend it will be seen Monday).

I got a new phone /will be getting a new phone

When you have to change your device, you will need to reset your MFA method(s). To do this you will need your backup codes. If you do not have access to your backup codes, please contact BHITS Support and we will disable MFA for your account. When you log back in you will be asked to configure MFA.

If you have your backup codes are can login to the site, go to Edit Profile, scroll all the way down until you see the MFA Section. Delete all previously configred MFA methods. 

Open the Authenticator app on your phone and remove the account that had been setup previously. 

Go back to your profile ( website), and click Add a new verification code. Follow the instructions here.

Web Authorization - No passcodes available

Occationally the Web Authentication method will give you this error after providing your finger print or facial recognition. In most cases retring the second factor authentication will resolve the issue. In rare cases you will need to remove this method from your profile, and set it up again.

Follow the steps on the Multi-factor Authentication page.