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Regional Paramedic Practice Standards

Certain approved programs in our area may publish additional guidance for the safety and quality of care of the patients who benefit from the program. Examples of these regional programs include stroke or trauma bypass and the Paramedics Providing Palliative Care program. The RPPEO partners with the groups who lead these initiatives to help inform their processes. The responsibility to monitor and update these standards rests with the organizations who lead these programs. For this reason, the RPPEO does not re-publish regional or local program documents.

The RPPEO publishes policies for paramedics to use in their clinical work and professional certifications. Our policies help paramedics understand what is expected in terms of process, timing, reporting, documentation and other rights and responsibilites.

Provincial Paramedic Practice Standards

Ontario provicial standards set the expectations for paramedic clinical practice. They are provincially developed and maintained through the Ontario Base Hospital - Medical Advisory Group and approved by the Ministry of Health's Director of the Emergency Health Regulatory and Accountability Branch (EHRAB). Paramedics across Ontario are expected to provide clinical care by following these standards: