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The RPPEO has a unique way of working so that we can help realize the The Ottawa Hospital vision and live the values everyday.

Our Culture

We are a learning organization. We are willing to change anything and everything needed to help paramedicine in Eastern Ontario be its best, including our organizational design and culture. The only thing we will not change is our commitment to patient safety, quality of paramedic care and delivering results.

​When functioning efficiently and effectively, our organization is consistent, legally defendable, reproducible and based on best practice and current scientific evidence in all domains: clinical, educational and quality & safety.

The RPPEO's educational activities are reproducible by all coordinators, instructors and facilitators, and are performance monitored. They are chosen to address issues identified from the RPPEO’s quality data or to impart new information. We continue to search for innovative ways to provide these educational services, while meeting the established standards. Our objective assessment of paramedic competency uses impartial measurement of performance, using industry standard assessment tools.

The philosophy of RPPEO’s quality and patient safety activities is preventing medical errors before they occur by understanding the conditions that allow them - and reducing their occurrences. We use performance indicators, patient outcomes, and compare measures to benchmarks. Our work to assess patient care uses standardized, inter-operator reliability.

The RPPEO clearly communicates our purpose - and how we intend to achieve it - with staff and stakeholders - through defined processes.

Communication is critical to a well-functioning organization. The RPPEO works collaboratively internally and with our partners, clients and stakeholders to meet the needs of all involved. We maintain ongoing communications to share common goals and reinforce objectives while taking the requirements of partners, clients and stakeholders into account.

We achieve and maintain business continuity through well-thought-out and well-communicated policies, procedures and processes. The RPPEO ensures these policies, procedures and processes are developed in consultation with our partners, staff and stakeholders. They are process-mapped and tested before we place them into official use.

The RPPEO’s strategic vision is broken into a series of frameworks and plans that enable us to progress towards our vision. The Quality Framework, the Education Framework, and their enabling plans, the IT Plan and the Communications Framework, are designed to communicate our vision and provide the road map to achieving it. We use these guiding documents to plan our yearly strategic goals. At its heart, our vision reflects our desire to Standardize, Automate, Measure, Evaluate, Develop and Improve (SAMEDI) all the RPPEO's work.

Throughout our history since 2009, our work has grown and adapted while these 12 principles have emerged as the way we conduct our ourselves and approach our work.

Our Principles

  • We value individual life-long learning

    We want people to challenge themselves and grow. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Commitment to Quality.

  • We are a learning organization

    We know we can be better by leading change. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Commitment to Quality.

  • ​Just culture is a cornerstone of our approach

    We understand that errors happen, and we can understand the systemic, cultural and psychological contributors to them. This principle supports all the Ottawa Hospital Core Values.

  • Psychological safety is necessary

    We believe that people will work better when they feel supported. This principle supports all the Ottawa Hospital Core Values.

  • ​People are important

    We believe that the passion, devotion and professionalism of our staff are inherent to the success of our work. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Respect for the Individual.

  • Patients are the centre of our universe

    We think that the patients' standpoints are the best ways for paramedics to approach care and for reviewing the work that we do to support paramedicine. This principle supports all the Ottawa Hospital Core Values.

  • Well-designed process is important

    We value designing process for efficiency, better experience, and improved safety. We believe in continuous process improvement that simplifies, standardizes, and streamlines. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Commitment to Quality.

  • Systems thinking is our strategic way to operate

    We realize that our work is done within a context of interconnected people and processes. This principle supports all the Ottawa Hospital Core Values.

  • We show empathy and compassion

    We care about people. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Compassion.

  • We value evidence

    We think that it is important to use scientific analysis, empirical evidence and demonstrated best-practice in creating process or making decisions. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Commitment to Quality.

  • We seek to lead practice

    We believe using promising or innovative ways to solve problems can lead to change, improvement and evidence. We think of ourselves as leaders in patient safety and quality of paramedic care. This principle supports the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Commitment to Quality.

  • ​Teamwork and collaboration are ways of life

    We think we are better as an organization when people speak up, when we challenge ideas and when we put our projects out to our colleagues for their input. We work together internally and among partners with confidence and trust. These principles support the Ottawa Hospital Core Value of Working Together.

Mission Vision Values

Vision & Values

As part of The Ottawa Hospital, we work to realize TOH’s vision and mission.

TOH Mission
  • The Ottawa Hospital is a compassionate provider of patient-centred care with an emphasis on tertiary-level and specialty care, primarily for residents of Eastern Ontario.
  • The Ottawa Hospital educates future health-care professionals in partnership with the University of Ottawa and other affiliated universities, community colleges and training organizations.
  • The Ottawa Hospital develops, shares and applies new knowledge and technology in the delivery of patient care through world-leading research programs in partnership with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI).

The Ottawa Hospital also plays an active role in promoting and improving health within our community. The Ottawa Hospital collaborates with a wide range of partners to address the needs of the community and to build a strong, integrated system for regional health-care delivery.

The Ottawa Hospital functions in English and French while striving to meet the needs of the culturally diverse community we serve.

TOH Core Values
  • Compassion
  • A Commitment to Quality
  • Working Together
  • Respect for the Individual

Learn how we integrate the vision and values into the RPPEO’s work.

TOH Vision

To provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion we would want for our loved ones.