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MyOBH Collaboration

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Leadership & Innovation

The My OBH Collaboration is a technology working group that's created three platforms to support the key functions of a base hospital: MedicASK to support the delegation of controlled medical acts, MedicLEARN for continuing education, and MedicNET for certification. These platforms are secure, password protected and are accessible by not only the individual base hospital, but to their respective paramedic services, their paramedics and their Ministry of Health representative.

We've also developed other behind-the-scenes tools that contribute to continuous quality improvement.

In January 2019, we began a renewed formal information technology collaboration among the four collaborating base hospitals: Hamilton Health Sciences Centre for Paramedic Education and Research, Lakeridge Health Central East Prehospital Care Program, Ottawa Hospital Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario, and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Northwest Region Prehospital Care Program. We share the vision that better data tools will help our base hospitals improve paramedic care. With better tools, we will be able to better collect, analyze, report and use data in our programs. Our partners and stakeholders will be able to see that data is contributing to better-informed decisions for patient safety and quality.


The MedicX suite of services provides online password protected access to tools for paramedics in the RPPEO catchment. These tools enable self-access for paramedics managing their clinical portfolios and engaging with the RPPEO.

Excellence Highlight

MedicX Suite of Purpose Built Software for Paramedics

Since 2009, the RPPEO in collaboration with our partner services and regional bases hospitals across Ontario, has developed the MedicX suite of applications. MedicX apps enable paramedics to  have easier access to useful tools and information.