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MedicNEWS for May 2023

In this issue

  • Leading the Way: A Video Message for You from Your Medical Director
  • The Unexpected Consequences of Epinephrine in BHP Corner
  • Side Hustle: How about a part-time gig with RPPEO?! In Announcements
  • The Missed Opportunity: How Paramedics Can Influence Patient Outcomes in Quality & Patient Safety
  • Discharge Risks: A Comprehensive Guide for Paramedics in A Window on Care
  • The Game-Changers: The Latest Medical Advisories You Can't Afford to Miss
  • Are YOU Authorized for Patient Discharge? in Continuing Education

RPPEO is hiring ACP contract ACR Reviewers

hiring blue3We are looking for ACPs to provide contract services in Peer Reviews of ACRs, on a 1-year (renewable) contract, with a 2-year commitment.

New Release: OBHG Companion Document for ALS PCS v.5.1

The Ontario Base Hospital Group Education Subcommittee (OBHG ESC) has released its Companion Document for the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards version 5.1. 

The Companion Document is an educational tool that helps to provide clarification on changes and updates to the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards.

Medical Directives Page

Medical Advisory on Acceptance of Verbal or Written Do Not Resuscitate Requests

In cases of cardiac arrest where a patient’s wishes are for do not resuscitate (DNR) but no Ministry of Health DNR Confirmation Form is available, paramedics should consider patching to a Base Hospital Physician (BHP) to consult on the appropriateness of withholding further resuscitation.

Rescinded: Medical Advisory on DimenHYDRINATE (Gravol) for Patients 65 and Older

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario today rescinded Medical Advisory 2023-02 entitled, "DimenHYDRINATE (Gravol) for Patients 65 and Older."

Paramedics should now follow guidance provided by the Ministry of Health on consideration and use of dimenHYDRINATE when ondansetron is not available.

All RPPEO Paramedics Now Patching to OMC Service

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario is pleased to announce that every paramedic in the RPPEO region is now using the RPPEO’s Online Medical Consultation (OMC) service for all patch consultations with our dedicated group of base hospital physicians (BHP).

Announcing Spring 2023 CME

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario is pleased to launch Spring 2023 CME's online learning component on Monday, March 27, 2023.

In Spring 2023 CME, RPPEO presents "Discharge from Care," provincially developed training about out of hospital treat and discharge. This is the training that paramedics require to receive authorization to apply the new auxiliary medical directive options in the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards (ALS PCS) version 5.1 for patient discharge planning.

BLS 3.4 is now in effect

The BLS Patient Care Standards are the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care expectations with respect to how paramedics will interact with their patients.

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MedicNEWS for February/March 2023

In this issue
  • BHP Corner Talks Pearls and Pitfalls of Discharge
  • Risk in Non-transport: It’s Manageable in Quality & Safety
  • No Surprises as we Announce the Focus of Spring 2023 CME for ACPs… and PCPs
  • Documenting Safety for Vulnerable Patients in A Window on Care
  • RPPEO is Hiring! In Announcements

Medical Advisory on DimenHYDRINATE (Gravol) for Patients 65 and Older

Ondansetron (Zofran) is the preferred medication over dimenHYDRINATE (Gravol) to treat nausea / vomiting in patients 65 and older. Paramedics can consult (patch) a Base Hospital Physician (BHP) if they believe an antiemetic is indicated for patients 65 and older and ondansetron is not available.

Paramedics should read Medical Advisory DimenHYDRINATE (Gravol) for Patients 65 and Older. If you have any questions, please contact

Web app available

Ontario Paramedic Clinical Guide

Available for Apple and Android devices.

Please use the link below to provide us with your feedback regarding this guide.

RPPEO Medical Team

RPPEO MedicASK provides paramedics the opportunity to ask questions to our Medical Directors regarding ALS PCS medical directives or other related patient care opportunities.

All questions will be reviewed and answered by staff within the RPPEO. Please browse through our questions and answers, as well as the latest ALS or BLS Patient Care Standards or Companion Document for the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards.

Upcoming Education Events