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22 November 2023

MedicNEWS for November/December 2023

In this issue: A New Way to Correspond with RPPEO During Quality Reviews Getting Ready for Your Maintenance of Certification Deadline A Message from Your Medical Director About Safe Care for Complex Patients Navigating Acute Behavioural Disturbances New Elective CME Live and In Person Putting the "Care" in Health Care Your Base Hospital...
21 November 2023

New Quality & Safety Correspondence Process

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario (RPPEO) is pleased to announce a new, more secure and efficient correspondence process for discussions of quality & safety and patient outcomes. Beginning in November, 2023, paramedics will receive an automated email with a unique, encrypted link to correspondence about quality & safet...
20 November 2023

2022-23 RPPEO Dissemination Activities Report: Research Quality & Education

The Regional Paramedic Program presents an accounting of our knowledge production and dissemination work for the 2022-23 year. RPPEO_ANNUAL_DAR_2022-2023_FINAL.pdf
06 November 2023

Pediatric Seminar November 29

Enhance Your Pediatric Care Skills with this Expert Seminar on Trauma and Resuscitation in Ottawa on November 29 Join us on Wednesday, November 29 from 09h until 11h30 for a compelling seminar led by Jonathan Lee, an acclaimed Critical Care Paramedic and the founder of KinderMedic. Geared towards a diverse audience of healthcare professionals –...
17 October 2023

Trauma Day for Elective CME

RPPEO-certified paramedics are invited to participate in Trauma Day, an 8-hour intensive learning experience where you will learn and practise the latest techniques in trauma response and management. RPPEO has partnered with Prescott-Russell Paramedic Service to bring paramedics this focused learning opportunity. Trauma expert Eric Gagnon, ACP,...
11 October 2023

Fall 2023 CME Now Available

Paramedics participating in Fall 2023 CME are invited to complete the online module now available on MedicLEARN. Under the theme "Matters of the Heart," paramedics will learn and practice skills related to cardiac care during Fall CME. The online didactic portion accounts for 4 hours of content and includes: medical cardiac arrest management...
13 September 2023

Fall 2023 CME Program

The RPPEO is pleased to announce the full lineup for Fall 2023 CME under the theme At the Heart of the Matter: Emergency Cardiac Care. Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP) certified by the RPPEO and Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) from participating paramedic services are invited to learn the latest evidence-based approaches and practise intervention sk...
11 September 2023

MedicNEWS for September 2023

In this issue: Get the When, Where and What of Your Fall CME Patient Choice, Ethical Practice and the DNR Conundrum in BHP Corner Find Great Elective CME with RPPEO Live Events This Autumn in Continuing Education Plus: be the first to see the new palliative care video, find more online electives, get our link recommendations, and more in...
Web app available

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Available for Apple and Android devices.

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Upcoming Education Events

Latest MedicASK Questions

Defib Pad Placement
Question: Does the RPPEO have a stance with respect to defibrillator pad placement?
Hypovolemia and Dopamine
Question: Dopamine has the contraindication "hypovolemia" removed from the symptomatic bradycardia medical directive. Is there a rationale behind this since that specific contraindication is still present in...
Administering Dex With a Prescribed Steroid
Question: With patients who are already taking PO Dexamethasone who have yet to take their PO Dex, and are having an acute COPD exacerbation or another ailment that causes them to meet the directive for Dex...
Patient vs Service Glucometer
Question: Is it acceptable to use a pt's reading from their freestyle libre (or other app based glucometer reading) vs manually using the service glucometer. What is Base Hospital's direction in this scenario
What sites are approved for IO placement?
Question: Can there be some clarification on humoral IO for both pediatrics and adults. My ACP colleagues in 2023 Fall CME are being told humoral is authorized for all ages but MedicASK answer from Nov 6, 20...

RPPEO Medical Team

RPPEO MedicASK provides paramedics the opportunity to ask questions to our Medical Directors regarding ALS PCS medical directives or other related patient care opportunities.

All questions will be reviewed and answered by staff within the RPPEO. Please browse through our questions and answers, as well as the latest ALS or BLS Patient Care Standards or Companion Document for the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards.

Upcoming Education Events

  • 29 November 2023

    Pediatric Emergencies

  • 20 December 2023

    Trauma Day (Ottawa)