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OMC Evolution

02 April 2024

We're thrilled to share an exciting update that will improve patient care: the expansion of Online Medical Consultation (OMC) services to two more base hospitals - the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) in Hamilton, and Health Sciences North (HSN) in Sudbury.

Map of RPPEO CPER HSN OMC April 2024 MedicNEWS

Operational Impacts and Service Enhancements

For RPPEO paramedics, this development brings one significant change and ongoing service improvements. RPPEO paramedics no longer need to use a "patch number" when consulting with a Base Hospital Physician (BHP). Instead, OMC tracks consultations using your OASIS number and the physician's CPSO number. This simplifies the process which leads to more effective communication.

Transition and Progress

The OMC transition project is underway, with new BHPs now being recruited to support this evolution. We're pleased to announce that physicians from the three participating regions are joining OMC, bringing diverse expertise. Rest assured, all BHPs are undergoing thorough training to learn about the OMC methods RPPEO paramedics have become accustomed to and to understand regional needs. BHP training includes:

  • BLS and ALS Patient Care Standards
  • Local Patient Care Models
  • Regional bypass processes
  • Supporting paramedics during patches
  • Providing useful feedback to paramedics
  • Expectations of patching and consultation
  • Just Culture and systems thinking in patient safety
  • And more!

Collaboration for Success

While some BHPs may be new, collaboration between paramedics and BHPs has proven to be the key to the power of consultation. Local insights are invaluable to comprehensive patient care, regardless of geographic background. Together, we can keep patient care our top priority, drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise of both paramedics and BHPs.

Looking Forward

As OMC evolves, our commitment to research and quality improvement remains strong. We value your feedback and are dedicated to providing excellent service. This augmentation signifies an important step forward in our mission to deliver top-tier care to patients, in RPPEO, CPER, and HSN regions.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence in paramedic care. For questions or comments, please contact

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