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New Look for the RPPEO Website

03 May 2021

What do you think of our new site design?

We've just launched the new RPPEO site design!

It was time to move the RPPEO website design to a new platform that supports the latest in security and site features.

With this move, we've refreshed the content and organization based on paramedics' feedback. The RPPEO website is a vital link between the base hospital and paramedics for medical direction, clinical advice, quality & patient safety, certification and continuing education.

Our top priority with this new design is that paramedics can easily find the practice information that they need. Following that, we also want paramedics to feel that they're getting updates on relevant base hospital news and the trends in clinical quality, patient safety, continuing education and paramedic certification that affect them and their practice of paramedicine.

In launching the new site design, we've made two big changes:


  1. New menus group content for paramedics within the major themes of "Paramedic Practice," "Policies & Practices," "Certification" and "Clinical Development."
  2. Additional content throughout the site helps paramedics and others understand the processes and background of many ambulance-based paramedic practice issues.

With the new site design, we're aiming for a paramedics-first approach across the content and design. Let us know if you have suggestions for other ways that we can improve this new design.

Paramedics are one of our primary partner groups. Our Program offers a great deal of support and important content for paramedics. We're extremely proud of the systems that we're building to support working together, and we are constantly updating hardware and software to make accessibility and usability better for paramedics.

The new site design becomes the default at on May 10, 2021. The old site will remain available for users to view by toggling to it from the new design throughout the month of May, 2021. We will be archiving the old site at the end of May completing the transition to this new site design.