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MyGriefToolbox (8 Elective CME Credits)

26 February 2021

MyGriefToolbox helps paramedics respond to palliative care calls and expands their capacity to provide quality care.

The first seven modules provide paramedics with:

  • Tactics to support patients and families in acute grief before and after a death.
  • Strategies to intervene sensitively.
  • Guidance to constructively manage work-related grief and the other stresses of working with people at end of life.
  • There is also a module for your friends and family to help them understand and respond to the stresses of your career.
  • Your words and actions matter. They significantly impact your patients and their families and have the potential to make a positive (or negative) impact for years to come.

In addition to improving your understanding of grief and the factors affecting it, the modules debunk common misunderstandings that can negatively impact your ability to deliver compassionate and effective care. The content provides direction from the moment you walk in the door through to post-call reflections to assist you in providing the highest quality care.

Who are the modules for?

This toolbox is relevant to paramedics at all stages of their career, from students to veterans, with some specialized content tailored to paramedics' friends and family members. This content can also be applied to calls when someone has died and family or others are in distress.

Research shows that the majority of people working in healthcare experience work-related grief. A number of factors can impact grief becoming complex or prolonged. They include: witnessing multiple traumas, developing a personal connection to the patients or family, your own history of grief and how you acknowledge and attend to your grief.

To receive a certificate of completion

  • Create an account at  Always log in to your registered account. If you review modules without logging in, your progress will not be recorded.
  • Complete modules one through seven by viewing all module pages and completing each module survey.
  • The system will automatically create a certificate of completion. Please save it for your records.
  • NOTE: Completion of module 8 (Suggestions for family and friends of paramedics) is not required for a certificate of completion. You are welcome to review the content.
  • Submit certificate of completion to, quoting ECA-953.

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