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Welcome to MedicASK. This section of the RPPEO website provides paramedics the opportunity to ask questions to our Medical Directors regarding ALS PCS medical directives or other related patient care opportunities.

All questions will be reviewed and answered by staff within the RPPEO. Please browse through our questions and answers, as well as the latest ALS or BLS Patient Care Standards or Companion Document for the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards.
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Term Gestation

Submission ID: 251


For the ALS PCS Neonatal Resusciation Protocol, what is considered less than term gestation in weeks?

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Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema vs STEMI, nitro administration

Submission ID: 240


"Suspected cardiac ischemia" is the indication to treat patients with nitro and ASA.

Question: Is a CHF patient who is STEMI positive considered to be experiencing cardiac ischemia? If so, do we treat CHF with ASA? If not, why not?

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Pediatric Field Trauma Triage Standards

Submission ID: 228


We recently did a 4 year old Trauma by-pass to Kingston General Hospital under step 3 of the bypass for fall greater then 3 meters.

We are now being told by our service that pediatrics DO NOT fit under the "60 minute transport time" window, only adults. We are unable to find any specific info/guidelines stating such.

My questions:

1. Do pediatrics fall into the 60 minute transport time?

2. Is CHEO the LTH hospital for pediatrics to the north east or are they transported to the civic?


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Ventolin during Cardiac Arrest

Submission ID: 226


In the context of a pediatric cardiac arrest where the causative event would be anaphylaxis and you are a PCP crew and there is presence of airway edema with bilateral-diffuse polymorphonic expiratory wheezes; can we still treat with MDI salbutamol and if so, how would you deliver Salbutamol appropriately with a compression/ventilation ratio of 15:2?

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CPAP and pneumonia

Submission ID: 223


Is it appropriate to use CPAP in severe respiratory distress, suspected to be pneumonia? Pt is conscious with crackles through out, low SPO2 and obvious distress.

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STEMI, Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema and Nitro

Submission ID: 219


When a patient is STEMI positive with Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema, how many nitro should be administered and why?

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Ventolin nebulized

Submission ID: 218


In the case of an asthma exacerbation (severe enough but not to the point of administrating Epi) or in the case of an anaphylaxis, would it be appropriate NOT to wait the 5-15minutes in between treatments of Salbutamol? If not, what would be the rationale of waiting that 5-15minutes.

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Oxygen Administration for Cardiac Ischemia

Submission ID: 216


When dealing with a pt with chest pain (cardiac ischemia) that you are treating with nitro and ASA, is it appropriate to administer oxygen via nasal cannula at 4-6lpm or is high flow using NRB at 10-15lpm the only option?

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Cardiac Arrest - Hangings

Submission ID: 215


2 questions:

Is there criteria's to help determine if a hanging is medical versus trauma (example patient fell two times the patient's height...)

I treated a trauma hanging VSA that the hospital treated with epinephrine. I would like to understand why we do not administer epinephrine for these patients.

thank you for your time

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Acetaminophen when NSAID contraindicated

Submission ID: 211


If a PT has a contraindication for NSAID is it acceptable to administer ACETAMINOPHEN for a PT experiencing severe hip pain?

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