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While it is difficult to link the impact of CME directly to patient outcomes, there is ample evidence to demonstrate that CME improves the knowledge, skill, and confidence of health care professionals. These are all prerequisites to the provision of safe and effective patient care, which is why the RPPEO believes that CME is an essential element of professional paramedic practice and strives to provide high-quality, engaging CME experiences.

A full list of our in-class elective CME events can be found in our Program Guide and in the CME Calendar, both available online. If you prefer independent study, you can choose from more than a dozen case reviews, which are posted under Case of the Month.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CME at the RPPEO, please don’t hesitate to contact the CPM Group at 613-737-5243 or education@rppeo.ca.

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Online Learning

Welcome to the RPPEO Online Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre is open to everyone (please click the Login as Guest button to access an open course) 

For Paramedics registered with the RPPEO you will find additional courses availbe to you after logging in.

lms loginInstructions:

  1. If you are a registered Paramedic login first
  2. Select a course from the list below
  3. You will be redirected to the Online Learning Centre, Guests will need to click "Login as Guest"

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the RPPEO at education@rppeo.ca

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The CEC Team

The RPPEO Certification and Education Team are available Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM.

To reach a coordinator you may call our MedicLINE 1-877-587-7736 Option 1

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2015 Spring CME Classroom Content

To all Paramedics

RPPEO has added our 2015 Spring CME classroom content to our MedicLEARN site as a course. It is now available for you to reference your last CME or the opportunity to complete the CME if you missed it.

Note: A skill station is required to complete with supervision to receive full credit of the CME for ACPs.

As well the London Base Hospital online teaching of the FTTS/AAU is included in the course.

The course can be found on our website at www.rppeo.ca, log in, go to MedicLEARN, click on Core CME Pre-Learning, go to Past Education Content, year 2015, and select 2015 Spring CME (cycle 1).

Thank you, 

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Spring 2014 - Cycle 1 Pre-Learning

certification fpSpring CME Pre-course Material.

Part 1: Documentation Standards
Part 2: Patient Assessment

Hello, and welcome to the online pre-learning content for your 2014 Cycle 1 Spring CME. In this learning module, you will find various presentations that have been narrated for you to follow along with, and some videos for you to watch prior to coming to your CME day. Please complete the online content prior to arriving in class as the information presented online will come up in your scenarios and group discussions.

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