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There are a few, private first aid companies operating in the province. Occasionally we are dispatched to events that they are providing coverage at. Some are administering medications. Example Ketorlac. My question is, how to we count their treatment in to ours? Does the dosage or what they have administered prevent us from providing care?


Depending on the medications, patient presentation and who administered them (i.e. MD, RN, first aider) use your clinical judgment and ensure you document thoroughly on your ePCR your rationale/reasoning for either administering additional medications or not. To ensure a patient safety approach, determine if the medications were administered properly, had not expired and patch if necessary. Further ASA and NTG for example can be administered as per the directive. Additional ketorolac as you mentioned would be contraindicated due to being administered within the 6 hour time frame. Other medications like Benadryl and Gravol requires clinical judgment and a patch PRN. In summary, when considering additional medication that was administered by a third party a BHP is always available for consultation and is recommended to ensure patient safety.

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