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I'm currently studying for the ACP entry exam and I'm struggling to find consistent statistics on drug onset/peak/duration times. I started with the Ontario Base Hospital app and discovered that some of the times didn't make sense. EX: glucagon onset 30mins, but has a half-life of 8-18 mins? I did some "google' searches (since i don't a have CPS handy) and only found more confusion. It'll be too late before I receive this information, but perhaps we could look to have consistent information available either on the RPPEO site or the app or (even better) both? This may seem like an unreasonable request, but throughout my 11 years as a PCP i have been tested on onset/peak/duration times and I have always struggled with where i'm supposed to find this information.


RPPEO is exploring the possibility of creating a pharmacology library. In the meantime, here are some resources our team would like to recommend:

Canadian Product Monograph:

Life In The Fast Lane:

Epocrates App:

Resources from Health Sciences North Base Hospital:

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