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Hi there,

I've heard the term 'safety plan' or 'patient safety plan' used, but I can't find any resources on what that means.



A Patient Safety Plan is a roadmap for safe patient care, highlighting specific strategies to prevent and mitigate risks. At this time, RPPEO is building a regional Patient Safety Plan that includes culture, system, and individual change strategies to incorporate patient safety principles into everyday practice. Once complete, RPPEO will embed Patient Safety risk assessment tactics, tools and strategies within CME and MedicNEWS. Examples of patient safety techniques can be found in: TeamSTEPPS, Patient Safety Module, Medical Math, Medication Administration conversations and double checks, Patient Refusal, biases awareness and mitigation, Tall-man lettering, labelling, etc. RPPEO recently completed a literature search regarding Patient Safety in the out-of-hospital system to help design the roadmap for safe patient care. The Patient Safety Incident Report form was also updated in April 2020 to reflect recommendations from the Conceptual Framework for the International Classification for Patient Safety (World Health Organization). We hope to collaborate with paramedics in the near future when developing the RPPEO patient safety plan.

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