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Patching for Calcium Gluconate

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I noticed under the clinical considerations for medicla cardiac arrest there is still the point of patching if Hyper K is a suspected causative event for the cardiac arrest we should consider to patch early for Calcium Gluconate.

Recently the patch point for Hyper K has been removed, if we have the same indications on an arrested patient for hyper K, does this still necessitate a patch? or can we go on to treat it as a correctable cause and administer the calcium gluconate.



Thank you for the question. After consulting with a member of the medical team, it was determined that administration of Calcium Gluconate no longer requires a patch as long as it meets the indications in the Hyperkalemia Medical Directive. This is despite what is documented in the Clinical Considerations section of the Medical Cardiac Arrest Directive. Further revisions of the ALS PCS are forth coming with the necessary corrections to be made. In summary, a patch is not required but certainly if the clinical picture is unclear or you have questions, you always have the ability to consult with a BHP.

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