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Broselow Tape vs ALS PCS doses

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What tools are allowed as reference for pediatrics?

My understanding is that the broslow tape is allowed and if the drug dose given differs from the ALS PCS, then it must be documented but is allowed and not considered an issue. But what about pedi stat? It came up in CME this past week that many medics use the app. However an example of a deviation from the standing orders would be that pedi stat gives a drug dosage of epi 1:1000 for down the tube, however the standing orders only allow a concentration of 1:10 000 down the tube.

Can you let us know how this would be considered from base hospital?

Many medics are still finding the app slow to load while on calls.

thank you,



Pediatric medication doses can vary slightly according to the source of expert opinion. The pediatric medication doses in the ALS PCS are the preferred doses. However, medication doses as determined by an up-to-date version of a widely accepted pediatric emergency tape (e.g.Broselow Tape) are an acceptable alternative.

Please document the tools used to determine pediatric medication doses on the ACR.

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