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Cardioversion Joules settings

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What are the cardioversion values for Zoll X? Standing orders indicate starting at 100J then 200J then max value. The ZollX only charges to 200J. I can not find the answer in the Zoll X manual, Zoll's internet site or in our standing order for tachydisrythmia. I believe the standing order in our Medical Directives is referring to Medtronic LP defibrillators only.


As stated in the ALS PCS synchronized cardioversion settings are "100 J, 200 J and the maximum manufacturing setting." As Zoll defibrillators have a maximum of 200 J, cardioversion is done at 100 J, 200 J and 200 J. The LP15 has a maximum setting of 360J, so cardioversion is done at 100J, 200J and 360J.

Please follow up with your service for the recommended settings for your specific equipment as this is covered under the BLS standard.

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