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On a pediatric VSA call, can PCPs use pediatric pads or adult pads fore and aft?


I have had a question from a couple of the PCPs in our service about pediatric pads. Currently our PCPs do not dial down the charge and use the pads in a fore and aft position in semi-auto mode, so in the event of a pediatric VSA, can PCPs use pediatric pads for the call or are they supposed to use the adult pads fore and aft?


That is correct, the PCPs can use the pediatric pads unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer. It is recommended by the AHA ECC 2015 Guidelines to use the largest size pads that fit on the child's chest with a 3cm gap between the pads. Adult pads would also be OK as well as long as the pads are not touching. Consider anterior-posterior placement. Please contact your defibrillator's manufacturer for further guidance on using pediatric pads in SAED mode.

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