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Symptomatic Brad in Neonates: cardiac arrest or symptomatic brad?

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We would like clarification about the correct destination for a neonate less than 24 hours old. Patient is intubated, CPR in progress because pulse less than 60 bpm, Epinephrine is being given q4. We are in Kanata and we want to know if we are going to QCH or CHEO. For me this patient is a CTAS 1 and less than 30 minutes from CHEO, this mean CHEO should be the choice. But if you considering the patient to be in medical cardiac arrest we should go to QCH. Please clarify this, thank you


Specific to CHEO bypass terminology:

A neonate patient experiencing symptomatic bradycardia is considered to be a cardiac arrest patient, unlike pediatric or adult symptomatic bradycardia. Based on the description provided, without other context or information, we would recommend transporting to the closest hospital. Emergencies and staff should be equipped and trained to assist in neonatal resuscitation. Should you have any feedback on your experience when transferring over patient care, we would like to be aware so we can support patients, paramedics and other healthcare providers through this rare and stressful call. If there is uncertainty and you believe the patient may benefit from online medical consult, you can consider patching to a Base Hospital Physician to discuss options for your patient.

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