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Cardiac Arrest - Hangings

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2 questions:

Is there criteria's to help determine if a hanging is medical versus trauma (example patient fell two times the patient's height...)

I treated a trauma hanging VSA that the hospital treated with epinephrine. I would like to understand why we do not administer epinephrine for these patients.

thank you for your time


The current companion document v. 3.3 specifies that Commotio Cordis and Hangings Cardiac Arrests "Should be treated as medical cardiac arrests".

The companion document v. 4.0 (accompanying ALS PCS 4.0), also specifies "Unless life threatening trauma is noted".

Hangins Cardiac Arrest are gray areas where the paramedic has to determine if the cause of the Cardiac Arrest is strictly hanging or there’s trauma involved with history gathering, environmental assessment and patient assessment.

Most hangings are medical in cause (for example: asphyxiation or neurogenic cause) and can be treated as Medical Cardiac Arrest unless a life threatening trauma cause has been found.

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