Category: Hypoglycemia

Choosing IM Needle Length


Selecting the proper needle length for IM injections will vary depending on factors such as age, gender, weight and anatomical location. Given the glucagon needle is 5/8 in in length, it may not be appropriate to use in all patient care situations. Here are some guiding numbers to assist with your decision given the some of the factors mentioned:

• anterolateral thigh - 5/8 in

• anterolateral thigh - 1 in

1-10 y/o
• anterolateral thigh - 1-1¼ in
• deltoid - 5/8 to 1 in

11-18 y/o
• anterolateral thigh - 1-1½ in
• deltoid - 5/8 to 1 in

Adults 90kg and Men > 118kg
• 1½ in

We invite you to contact your service for more information or training regarding IM equipment and/or glucagon.

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