Category: Adult Analgesia

Alcohol ingestion and Acetaminophen

Question #: 436


For analgesia, is Acetaminophen contraindicated in a patient who has had alcohol? Assuming there are no other contraindications.


The contraindication “Signs or symptoms of intoxication” to Acetaminophen administration when using the Analgesia Medical Directive (originally Adult Analgesia Medical Directive) was removed with ALS PCS v 3.3. If you all contraindications are negative, including “Hx of liver disease, Active vomiting”, and indications/conditions are met; it is acceptable to consider administering Acetaminophen.
Note that some clinical contexts such as elevated amount of alcohol and ingestion time frame may lead to a change in LOA and active vomiting status.
Please ensure information, clinical picture, pertinent +/- and rationale supporting your management plan are documented.

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