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Category: Nausea/Vomiting

Antiemetic Administration

Question#: 680



If Zofran is given first can Gravol follow after the half hour if pt. dosen't no improvement?



Thank you for your question and for advocating for your patient.

Your question highlights a known a gap in the ALS PCS, as it only speaks to using dimenhyDRINATE after Ondansetron administration.

Our base hospital physicians are comfortable with the converse: if the patient has received dimenhyDRINATE and has no relief of their nausea & vomiting symptoms after 30 minutes, Ondansetron may be considered if the patient meets the conditions and has no contraindications.

This addition will be reflected in the upcoming companion document, which will hopefully alleviate confusion.

This question was covered during in-class CME, but please keep in mind that there are many factors which may dictate which antiemetic you choose to administer to your patient. Please feel free to refer back to the online CME content ( if you’d like a refresher.


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