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Why is a normotensive SBP a condition for ketorolac?

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Why is a normotensive SBP a condition for ketorolac? As a side note there is no SBP condition for Ibuprofen, which is also an NSAID


The vital sign parameters for Ketorolac are to potentially indicate occult hemorrhage that is otherwise undetectable on exam (specifically in the trauma patient, and those presenting with abdominal pain). This is more of an issue with Ketorolac, as ibuprofen has a slightly lower risk profile.

In discussions with the Medical Directors, they would like to highlight that consultation with a BHP is always welcome to weigh the risks/benefits of any given treatment. The provision of analgesia is an important component of prehospital care, and they are likely to approve its inclusion in your treatment plan

As an aside, the Senior Medical Team continues to work with the Ministry of Health to secure additional possibilities for analgesia, expanding PCP scope to include safer options for treatment.

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