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Palliative Care Medical Directive use for non-registered/non-palliative patients

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With the new PCP & ACP Special Project Palliative Care medical guidelines, is it possible with a patch to BHP to use these new drugs to treat non-palliative patients? Like Ondansetron for a nauseated/vomiting patient? Haloperidol for an agitated psychiatric patient? Just wondering if we can use these drugs with a patch to BHP on other patient's that are not in palliative care.


Currently, the Special Project Palliative Care Medical Directive has a robust evaluation framework to assess the quality of care patients receive, and critically look at the interventions of the medical directive. Understanding the pharmacology and indications for medication is the key to safe treatments. With the knowledge of the risks, benefits and mechanism of action, treatments could be beneficial to other patient populations. However, at this time, these medication are only for patients with palliative needs. After we evaluate this specialty project, we anticipate the directive will expand to other populations in the future. An example, which will be coming soon are changes in the Nausea and Vomiting medical directive where Ondansetron will be considered part of the treatment options.

In summary, there is potential future benefit to other patients; however, the Specialty Project Palliative Care Medical Directive medications are specifically for palliative care needs until the project undergoes a full evaluation on quality of care.

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