Category: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

Is using a BVM on a patient with a DNR OK?


Is using a BVM on a patient with a DNR OK? If respirations are 8 per minute can you bag the patient? If their respirations are 34 per minute can you bag the patient? Patient is not alert enough to meet CPAP, but can you then bag them to treat the CHF?


BVM in DNR is permitted if thought to be a reversible cause. CHF is a reversible cause. The NO stops at intubation. BVM is considered supportive care in a possibly reversible cause, like CHF. Unless the situation is explored at length with the next of kin at the present time, that BVM intervention is above expected level of the patients wishes. If in doubt, BVM should be done if a patient has respiratory efforts, withholding intubation would be appropriate. Also exploring technical specifics in a DNR in the field may be time consuming and likely inappropriate in the field. DNR should be defined as intubation and CPR for the prehospital interventions, all others should be performed if signs of life, even unconscious, and patch for directions if unclear.

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