Category: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

Can I administer Narcan to a DNR patient?


Can I administer Narcan to a DNR patient?


The patient should be treated with naloxone even with a DNR as it is a reversible cause.

The DNR standard states: "Point 2 in this section demonstrates that comfort (palliative) care remains a crucial part of the care that paramedics provide to a patient despite the existence of a valid DNR Confirmation Form. This section describes the types of interventions that will be initiated even in cases where a valid DNR Confirmation Form exists. These types of interventions are considered palliative and are employed for symptom relief to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Some interventions, such as epinephrine for anaphylaxis, are aggressive treatments that may be considered life-saving in order to manage an unforeseen and immediately correctable condition. It should be considered and utilized when appropriate as it is not included on the list in Point 1."

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