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All RPPEO Paramedics Now Patching to OMC Service

27 March 2023

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario is pleased to announce that every paramedic in the RPPEO region is now using the RPPEO’s Online Medical Consultation (OMC) service for all patch consultations with our dedicated group of base hospital physicians (BHP).

As of March 27, 2023, all paramedics in the RPPEO region calling for a patch or consultation will be talking with a dedicated, select group of specially-trained emergency BHP experts. These BHPs are not situated in a busy emergency room. Instead, they are on-duty with OMC and eagerly awaiting calls from paramedics!

Now, when paramedics from Hastings-Quinte, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac, and Leeds-Grenville call for patch and consultation, they will no longer reach the Emergency Department of Kingston Health Sciences Centre. Instead, these calls are now directed to base hospital physicians staffing the OMC service. 

The transition happened seamlessly behind the scenes on Monday March 27 in the morning.

There is no disruption to patching services so long as paramedics continue to use the established 1-800 primary patch telephone number.