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Cost Recovery Fee Structure For Data Request

Funded studies will be levied a nominal fee to partially cover the costs associated with the retrieval of data.

Requests for research data will be subject to the following fee structure:

Description of Work Cost
Analyst Consultant Fee Report writing $50/hr
  Extraction of Data $50/hr
Document* Retrieval Electronic Document $1.00/unit
  Paper Document $1.25/unit
  Archived Document $2.00/unit
Photocopying/Printing   $0.35/page
De-identification of Document   $0.25/page
*Documents include: ACR (Ambulance Call Report), PCR (Paramedic Call Report), Patch Form, ECG report, ECG strip.
A $5.00 e-transfer fee will apply to all requests; 
Additional charges may apply depending on the time required to access and transfer prehospital data.

Exceptions to the cost recovery fee structure can be made at the discretion of the Program Director for non-funded studies.

An estimate of the cost to fill the research data request will be sent to the researcher. Please provide billing information and address to An invoice will be sent quarterly and payment is requested 30 days from the date of invoice.


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