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Ambulance Call Report Review

The Ambulance Call Report continues to be among the paramedics' core responsibilities in patient care. As such an important element of the patient's chart, the RPPEO's quality management team is continually examining the ACRs that paramedics in Eastern Ontario prepare. We do this as one way to measure the quality of care for patients. All of our quality measurement helps the RPPEO improve care quality for patients and build better education tools for paramedics.

In the great majority of cases, paramedics do indeed apply the current patient care standards.

The Ottawa Hospital formally adopted Just Culture as an underpinning concept to the improvement of patient care quality. As we work toward a Just Culture, the RPPEO acknowledges that the terminology used in Just Culture may be at odds with the language used in some certification, education or quality documents. However, our intent is always to improve future patient care through a collaborative learning experience.

The RPPEO regularly reviews our own processes using continuous quality improvement methods. We work toward making peer review, ACR reviews and all the other quality management processes fairer, more transparent and better tools for patient safety and quality. You can learn more about the RPPEO Quality Program policies by clicking here.

Read on to find out more about how the RPPEO currently reviews ACRs.

First Wave COVID-19 Provincial FAQ Released

The Ontario Base Hospital Group collected questions and answers about paramedic care from across the province during the first wave of COVID-19. This FAQ covers many of the questions we've seen in our region and a few others.

The answers were subsequently endorsed by the provincial Medical Advisory Group (the group known as "G16").

Click here to read the OBHG FAQ on their website.

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