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Using Lidocaine? 4 Tips to Administer Lidocaine Safely

LidocaineThe COVID-19 pandemic is affecting almost everything in our lives and clinical practice … even medication supplies!
Increased demand is fueling medication shortages in some cases. In other cases, the active ingredient is not available locally or manufacturing has slowed down.
All of these lead to the same results: medication is harder to supply.
Some of you have already experienced the effects of medication shortages such as:
  • Medication needing to be substituted, such as amiodarone and lidocaine
  • Lack of prefilled syringes
  • Complete lack of a medication
  • Changes to medication labelling – we may get medications in other languages (there is Spanish salbutamol and ketamine in Canada now) or with other names (adrenaline instead of epinephrine)
  • Changes to ampoules or vials so that they are easily mistaken: one service has ketorolac and naloxone vials that look very similar

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Patient Safety Incident Report

In early April 2016, the RPPEO introduced a new tool for Paramedics wishing to report a concern or variance. The Self Report form has been used just over 1300 times to report concerns, variances, and most importantly to help improve patient safety for everyone involved. A very big thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past 4 years.

It is time to retire the Self Report form. In its place the RPPEO is launching a new tool, the Patient Safety Incident Report. This new tool will also replace the Patch Failure tool, and allow for paramedics to report on:

  1. Patient Safety Incidents
  2. Good Catch/Near miss
  3. Hazards
  4. Documentation Issues
  5. Patch Failures


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Effective April 8, 2020

Other updates:
  • Patient Care and Transportation Standards - v2.3
  • Provincial Equipment Standards for Ontario Ambulance Services - v3.5
  • Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards - v4.7
  • Training Bulletin No. 120 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - v1.5

Spring CME 2020 starts in March!

Update: Face-to-face Spring CME canceled!

Due to the measures we are taking to stem the spread of COVID-19, the RPPEO has canceled classroom CME this Spring. In its place, we will be offering virtual CME for ACPs. The deadline for CME completion is January 31, 2021.

Once the complete content of virtual Spring CME is ready, we will notify paramedics.

The online pre-learning modules are LIVE irght now. Head over to MedicLEARN for the experience.

Spring prelearning 2020

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OBHG App IconIn effect Sept 3, 2019

Version 4.6 of the ALS PCS represents a “partial update” as per the Living Document Framework and comes into force as of September 3, 2019. The standard, along with a complete Summary of Changes, can be downloaded here.

Download the current ALS PCS here


Save Pins Awarded

RPPEO Save Pin

We've distributed 375 Save Pins to paramedics this month. We know that being part of a resuscitation is a meaningful and important contribution for paramedics. Distributing these pins is our way of acknowledging that your work gives the best chance to people when they need it most.

Medical Directives App

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Ontario Paramedic Clinical Guide