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Insight for paramedics in Eastern Ontario

MedicNEWS for September 2023

In this issue:

  • Get the When, Where and What of Your Fall CME
  • Patient Choice, Ethical Practice and the DNR Conundrum in BHP Corner
  • Find Great Elective CME with RPPEO Live Events This Autumn in Continuing Education

Plus: be the first to see the new palliative care video, find more online electives, get our link recommendations, and more in September MedicNEWS!

RPPEO’s bi-monthly online news magazine for paramedics, MedicNEWS is your key to insight on the current issues in clinical practice for Eastern Ontario.

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MedicNEWS for July 2023

Your July edition of MedicNEWS is here!

RPPEO’s bi-monthly online news magazine for paramedics is your key to insight on the current issues in clinical practice for Eastern Ontario.

Here’s what you’ll find in this issue of MedicNEWS:

MedicNEWS for May 2023

In this issue

  • Leading the Way: A Video Message for You from Your Medical Director
  • The Unexpected Consequences of Epinephrine in BHP Corner
  • Side Hustle: How about a part-time gig with RPPEO?! In Announcements
  • The Missed Opportunity: How Paramedics Can Influence Patient Outcomes in Quality & Patient Safety
  • Discharge Risks: A Comprehensive Guide for Paramedics in A Window on Care
  • The Game-Changers: The Latest Medical Advisories You Can't Afford to Miss
  • Are YOU Authorized for Patient Discharge? in Continuing Education

MedicNEWS for February/March 2023

In this issue
  • BHP Corner Talks Pearls and Pitfalls of Discharge
  • Risk in Non-transport: It’s Manageable in Quality & Safety
  • No Surprises as we Announce the Focus of Spring 2023 CME for ACPs… and PCPs
  • Documenting Safety for Vulnerable Patients in A Window on Care
  • RPPEO is Hiring! In Announcements

December/January MedicNEWS

In This Issue

  • RPPEO Holiday Message to Paramedics
  • Focus: Meet the Physicians from Your Consultations on the Phone
  • Deadline Alert: Maintenance of Certification
  • BHP Corner: What's the Big Deal about Atrial Fibrillation?
  • Quality & Patient Safety: The Times are A-Changing in Paramedicine

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MedicNEWS for October/November 2022

In this issue
  • Meet the Base Hospital Physicians You've Talked to on the Phone
  • Fall 2022 CME in the classroom and online: How's it going?
  • Medical Advisory: Intravenous EPINEPHrine
  • How to Install A Window on Care
  • BHP Corner: Time is Brain!

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MedicNEWS for August/September 2022

In this issue
  • Announcing the Lineup for Fall CME
  • BHP Corner: Solving the Puzzle of Patient Care During COVID
  • Neonatal Resus Key Moments

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MedicNEWS for June/July 2022

The new issue of MedicNEWS for June/July 2022 is out now: Read it here!

In this issue:

BHP Corner: Should we be ventilating everyone with a baby BVM? Pulmonary barotrauma from assisted ventilation may be associated with increased morbidity and mortality, so it's important to minimize the likelihood of it occurring. Dr. Nick Costain summarizes the evidence and answers the question of whether it’s time to use the pediatric BVM for everyone. See Dr. Costain’s conclusions.

MedicNEWS for April/May 2022

In this issue
  • Your full Spring 2022 CME line-up announced
  • Contraindicated: Why we gave medications to 104 patients who weren't eligible for them last year (and what we can do about it)
  • BHP Corner: Acute Behavioural Disturbance
  • First Reading: the RPPEO's New Book Club's first book will get you thinking

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MedicNEWS for February/March 2022

In this issue:
  • 9 Steps for Handling an Adverse Medication Event
  • Regional STEMI Q3 Performance Reports
  • BHP Corner: Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
  • Spring CME Announcement

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