RPPEO Book Club

23 June 2022
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3 hours
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New for 2022, we're launching an RPPEO Book Club to see if those of us who like to read would like to do it together.

RPPEO Book Club is a chance for us to read and discuss books that could be important to our practice as paramedics. We'll critically assess the books and think about what they bring to us, as well as whether we think the book has something to offer to other paramedics.

This round of RPPEO Book Club will be online.

The Book

For this first foray into Book Club, participants will be reading the book Decision-Making in Paramedic Practice (2017) and will learn about the importance of decision-making in clinical practice to manage clinical risk and improve outcomes for patients. We will examine the ethics of paramedic decision-making, professionalism in paramedicine, the role of the paramedic as a critical thinker, decision-making theory and the influence of intuition and experience in our decision-making.

What new knowledge will you gain?

We'll be reflecting on the many ways that bias, competing priorities, perception, variable competence and other human factors introduce error and risk into our clinical decision- making as well as examining methods to help manage risk and think better. The facilitator will guide participants through reflection, analysis, conclusions and goal-setting, when appropriate, using a modified Gibbs’ cycle. Participants will gain new methods to deal with dilemmas in practice, improve critical thinking and practise clinical judgment.

Format and Preparation

In this round of the RPPEO Book Club, you have the choice of one of two dates to join in a guided discussion about Decision-Making in Paramedic Practice: June 15 or June 23. To prepare for the guided discussion, you'll need to read the book and give some thought to what it means for your practice. Participants are responsible for acquiring the book. You may find the book available at libraries, as an electronic download or in print, which will look great on your bookshelf! Participation in one of the two discussion periods is necessary for you to receive CME credit.

CME Credit

Participants who complete the book and participate in one of the discussion periods will receive 8 elective CME credits - that's your entire elective CME needs completed in one shot! Participants will be encouraged to speak freely and experiment with their thinking during Book Club. To create a safe environment for approaching critical thinking and self-reflection, participants should not feel that they're being evaluated on their ideas. For this reason, there will be no grading or exam. Book club participation - in the form of active participation at the meeting where the book is reviewed, completion of an evaluation of RPPEO Club, and reading of the book, of course, is all that is required for you to receive CME credit.


Each RPPEO Book Club discussion is facilitated by an RPPEO Coordinator. For the book Decision-Making in Paramedic Practice discussions on June 15 or 23, your facilitator will be Charlene Vacon. Charlene has been an RPPEO Coordinator since 2015. She is currently a Quebec-licensed PCP. Before becoming a full-time RPPEO Coordinator, Charlene worked as Chef de division for Montreal's Urgences-sante and as EMS Specialist for Alberta Health. She holds a PhD in Communication from Montreal's Concordia University and has taught there and elsewhere.

How to join RPPEO Book Club

There are up to 24 spots open to RPPEO paramedics to participate in this first Book Club. You can chose between meeting on June 15 at 2pm or June 23 at 7pm. Meetings are scheduled for 3 hours. To register for one of these meetings, please complete the RPPEO Book Club Registration Form. Spots are limited and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. If the two meetings do not meet your availability, but you'd like to participate, please send us an email at education@rppeo.ca.

RPPEO has pre-approved this CME for 8 elective CME credit.
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