ISMP Incident Analysis & Risk Assessment for Paramedicine

04 May 2023
Start time:
11.5 hours
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This 2-day virtual workshop will provide Paramedics with background theory and hands-on practice in incident analysis using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and in proactive risk assessment using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


Day 1:
Incident Analysis – Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

The workshop curriculum is derived from the Canadian Incident Analysis Framework.

Program Abstract:
We’re all human – errors happen. In our field, when errors happen, they can have traumatic consequences. In this hands-on workshop, we will analyze adverse events in a way that takes the blame away from the individual and evaluates them using a systematic approach. “What was the expected outcome and why did that not happen?” On Day 1, participants will learn how to conduct a Root Cause Analysis and we’ll use diagramming to deconstruct and understand how adverse events occur.

Day 2:
Proactive Risk Assessment Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

The workshop curriculum is derived from the Canadian Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Framework Version II (2016).

Program Abstract:
Day 2 builds on the principles learned on Day 1, with a change in focus to proactive risk assessment and process redesign. What do we know about system failures and how can we identify problems before they occur? Through interactive activities, participants will use a technique called Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to design processes that take human factors into account and decrease the likelihood of a failure impacting a patient.

Audience: Paramedics, physicians, risk managers, patient safety officers, and other health care professionals.

Workshop Level: Introductory

RPPEO has pre-approved this CME for 8 elective CME credit.
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